Personality – What is Personality?

This video explores the basic definition of personality and the challenge to find a single theory to explain it. Factors contributing to personality are described.

Functional Analysis

Dr. K’s Psychobabble – Functional Analysis Functional analysis is the scientific process of determining the true reasons or causal factors associated with a behavior. This video explores alternatives to the often assumed “attention” motivation. Once we know the function of the behavior, we can teach more adaptive alternatives to meet the same needs.

Behavior – Chaining

In this video we look at the application of both Classical and Operant Conditioning methods to teach complex behaviors.

Behavior – Baselines and Documentation

This video considers the importance of Baselines and Documentation in the implementation of behavior management plans. We really don’t know if it works unless we have measured what was going on before.

Behavior – Reinforcement and Punishment

This video discusses the application of the Law of Effect to identifying reinforcers and punishments for use in behavior management.  Cultural aspects of the definitions are discussed.

Asch Effect

This video explores the classic experiment on the influence of group perception on compliance.


This video examines the innate ability for the brain to adapt to new knowledge and habits throughout the lifespan.

Behavior – The Role of Choice

Dr. K’s Psychobabble – In this video we examine the role of choice as it plays out in the ABC Contingency Theory. Choice of reinforcers, behaviors, and event antecedents, empowers the learner and increases engagement.

Behavior – Antecedents

This video takes a deep dive into Antecedents in the ABC Contingency Theory. Starting with a review of antecedents in behavior plans, we explore the cultural, cognitive, and social factors that are ALSO antecedents of all behavior.