Response to Agoraphobia

In this video I respond to the comments of one of my viewers. I include some clarity on the concept of agoraphobia and introduce one of the most successful treatment modalities for anxiety.

Behavior – ABC Contingency Theory

This video brings together the concepts of Antecedents, Behaviors, and Consequences to explain how we can define As and Cs to bring about changes in our Bs. The focus is on explaining the As and the conditions we would engage in behavior planning in the first place.

Behavior – Negative Reinforcement

This video reviews the difference between positive and negative reinforcers. Both increase and maintain the behavior that precede them, but in different ways.

Behavior – Dead Man Test – Stranger Test

This video covers the use of two “tests” to determine if your behavior description is workable in behavior management. Descriptions need to be active and precise, these two tests help you determine if you have met that criteria.


This video explores the fairly common experience of imposterism or imposter syndrome. Strategies for dealing with this this experience in your own life are described.

Intelligence – Part VII

In this video we explore the work of Howard Gardner. Gardner is most famous for his theory of Multiple Intelligence made up of eight (or nine, depending on where you look) different types of intelligence expressions such as “interpersonal”, “mathematical”, “musical”, and “kinesthetic”.     

Intelligence – Part VI

In this video we explore the Triarchic Theory of intelligence put forth by Robert Sternberg. This theory focuses on analytical, creative, and practical applications of intelligence.

Intelligence – Part V

This video explores the field of Psychometrics. The definition of intelligence has largely depended on the ways in which we have constructed intelligence tests (and psychological measures in general). Some history on the measurement of intelligence is discussed.

Intelligence – Part IV

In this video we explore the controversy of the publication of the Bell Curve. This book examines the relationship between race/ethnicity and intelligence. Solutions for the appropriate use of IQ scores is discussed.

Feelings on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday that produces a mixed sense of emotions. On one hand, we are called on to remember those who gave their lives while serving in the American armed services. On the other hand, we often encounter festive activities, parades, and BBQs. How should we feel about Memorial Day? Happy? Sad? The […]