Welcome to Dr. K's Psychobabble

This site is the home of Dr. Mark H. Kavanaugh's Lectures, Commentaries, and Terms video channel.  The videos themselves are posted on YouTube, but this site provides some degree of organizatoin and searching.

Dr. Kavanaugh has been a full-time Professor of Psychology for over 20 years.  He has taught both face-to-face and Online sections of Psychology and Sociology classes.

Lecture Videos

These videos feature Dr. Kavanaugh's engaging style and appraoch in a newscast format!  Topics range across the fields of Psychology, Sociology, Human Development, Mental Health, and many other subject areas.


These videos are similar in style to the Lecture Videos but are specific to commentaries on current events and the interpretation of these events from a social science perspective.  There is also room in here for explorations of Dr. Kavanaugh's point of view on a number of issues.


These videos are brief definitions and histories of terms in social sciences.  It can be thought of as a video-based dictionary of important terms, concetps, theories, and even persons in the social sciences.

These videos have been craeted using Meimoji on an Apple iOS device!  The "avatar" of Dr. Kavanaugh will ensure his youthful appearance for years to come!

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